A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Oh hai,

I made this, uh, thing, and I felt like sharing it with the itch.io community! I did try to incorporate as many references to The Room as humanly possible, while also getting the charm Tommy Wiseau radiates in interviews and his wonderful AMA on Reddit.

None of this is intended to mean any harm or be anything other than a fictional game some person is uploading to expand her itch.io profile and have a chuckle with her friends. I personally love The Room and the creator, and would never want to mean any harm to him.

None of this game is being used for revenue. It's an entirely personal project I make $0.00 off of each and every day. 

The gameplay is rather short, because sadly I have other things to work on, both visual novels and a job itself. If interest in this happens, I may consider doing another one, but for now, there is no sequel. There's a few other games based on this absolutely glorious movie out there, and I highly recommend you show them support, too!

I hope you enjoy this, nevertheless. Even if it is, uh, of debatable quality. 




Wooing Wiseau Mac Build.zip 40 MB
Wooing Wiseau Windows Build.zip 37 MB